James Bailey
Workshop Coffee
Coffee is a vital part of so many of our morning routines, but how much attention do we give to what we’re drinking and how we prepare it? James Bailey from Workshop Coffee invites us to consider how we can make our coffee routine a well honed craft.
Chris Smaje
Taking Time On The Farm
Farmer Chris Smaje invites us to consider our relationship to the land in both the present and long term. Wherever we are in the world, our marriage to the land, to plants, animals and each other needs to be nurtured for future generations.
Olivia Laing
Derek Jarman, Circular Time & Seed Catalogues
Taken from her collection of essays 'Funny Weather:Art in an Emergency', Olivia Laing considers the cyclical nature of planting seeds, influenced by the late Derek Jarman.
James Cartwright
Weapons Of Reason
We sat down to chat with James Cartwright, Editor of Weapons of Reason magazine to discuss the ethos of the publication, the environment, food, family, social inequality and our resulting decision making for the future.
Jonathan Thompson
The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of Cathedral Thinking
What would happen if we decided to invest in projects that we might never live to see come to fruition? Created for future generations, cathedrals are a great example of long term thinking. Jonathan E Thompson’s TED talk explores the analogy and offers us hope for the future.
Nancy Kline
Interruption as Assault
We need all the good ideas we can get, but so often our thinking gets cut short. Advocate of the ‘Thinking Environment’, Nancy Kline brings us a clear uncomplicated message, that our thinking process is violated by interruption.
Richard Fisher
The Long Term View
We spoke with Richard Fisher at BBC Future about how he engages with time, the complexities of thinking longer term and that discovering deep time can start close to home.
Chris Salisbury
Wild Nights Out
For many of us, the dark comes with connotations of fear and a sense of the unknown. In ‘Wild Nights Out’, Chris Salisbury invites us to embrace the night time and consider how it can open our minds to new possibilities. This excerpt from the opening of the book welcomes us in to explore the darkness.