John Berger & Selcuk Demirel
What Time Is It?
Storyteller, essayist, screenwriter, dramatist and critic, John Berger was one of the most influential writers of the last fifty years. His many books include Ways of Seeing (1972), the Booker prize-winning novel G (1972), Here is Where We Meet (2005), From A to X (2008), Cataract (with Selçuk Demirel) (2012), Smoke (with Selçuk Demirel) (2016), and Confabulations (2016). He died in 2017.

Selçuk Demirel was born in Artvin, Turkey, in 1954. He trained as an architect and moved to Paris in 1978, where he still lives. His illustrations and books have appeared in many prominent European and American publications. Demirel’s work ranges from book illustrations, magazine covers, albums of drawings to children’s books, and from postcards to posters.

You can purchase ‘What Time Is It’ from Notting Hill Editions here.

A selection of pages extracted from ‘What Time Is It’ - the final publication from visionary thinker John Berger and Turkish artist Selçuk Demirel as they come together to create a precious volume of quotes and artworks about time

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