John Berger & Selcuk Demirel
What Time Is It?
A selection of pages extracted from ‘What Time Is It’ - the final publication from visionary thinker John Berger and Turkish artist Selçuk Demirel as they come together to create a precious volume of quotes and artworks about time.
Bruce Stanley
Redesigning Rest & Unlocking Energy Use
Modern life seems to be all about ‘doing’. Whether it’s a relentless busy-ness or a perception that we’re not keeping up, the idea of stopping to rest can see very counter cultural. Bruce Stanley of Day Crafting reminds us that rest is essential.
Julia Baird
Why We Need Silence
Life has a tendency to throw things at us for which we feel woefully underprepared. In her new book ‘Phosphorescence’, Julia Baird explores the things which can sustain us and cultivate light when the world goes dark. This excerpt reflects on the power of time spent in nature’s silence and how it can connect us with the sublime.
James Cartwright / Weapons of Reason
How To Think Beyond Ourselves
Humanity prospers at what cost? James Cartwright from Weapons of Reason invites us to consider our broader ecological influence on the planet, looking back in order to look forward and assess how our advancement might be doing more harm than we know.
Dr Cath Bishop
The Long Win, Resetting our Perspective on Success
What does success look like for you? Perhaps those short term wins aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be. Olympian, former diplomat and business coach Dr Cath Bishop invites us to reassess what it means to succeed and offers a model for how to reframe our perspective on winning.
Peter Wouda
Eco Cathedrals
Housing projects, town planning and the generation of public space often involve the destruction of areas that have belonged to nature since time began. Tim Le Roy had an ambition to change that, a philosophy to incorporate nature into the spaces in which we live. The eco-cathedral. Peter Wouda, master builder of the Le Roy garden tells us more...
Anne Beate Hovind
A Question Of Time
What happens when we imagine the world we are creating for future generations? Scottish artist Katie Paterson’s Future Library won’t be open for a hundred years. In fact, the pages upon which it is to be printed are still growing in the Nordmarka forest in Oslo. With contributions from Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, Han Kang and Karl Ove Knausgård that barely anyone alive today will get to read, Chairwoman of the Future Library Trust, Anne Beate Hovind invites us to consider how this artwork challenges our perception of time.
Helga Schmid
Uchronia: Time Utopia
What if you designed your own time? Artist Helga Schmid invites us into Urchonia, a time utopia in which we can remove the structures of time and listen to the other rhythms of life. Setting out her manifesto, Helga invites us to take on her time experiment.